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Quit Claim Deeds add or remove someone from a property

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General Warranty Deeds add or remove someone from a property

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Ladybird Deeds(Enhanced Life Estate Deeds)
Allow Your Loved Ones to Avoid Probate
While Retaining Full Control During Your Lifetime

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Real Estate Deeds General Warranty Deeds
Quit Claim Deeds
Lady Bird Deeds

$250 Flat Fee

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Common reasons a new deed is needed:

  • Purchase / Sale of real estate
  • Removing an Ex-spouse from a property
  • Adding a new spouse to a property
  • Adding children or other loved ones to a property
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Scott K.
After my divorce I needed to transfer title into my ex-wife’s name, this law firm did it quickly and very affordably.  I would recommend this law firm to anyone who needs to have a deed prepared.
Patrick R.
I’m glad I went to a law firm, I didn’t want to risk doing something incorrectly on my own, it’s just not worth it. They did a great job.
Ryan S
I didn’t even know what a ladybird deed was, but after Cyrus explained it to me I thought it was a great idea.  I’m glad he taught me about this type of deed, I think this service is a great deal.

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    I needed to take my ex-husband’s name off our deed, but the local attorney wanted $500 to do the same thing this law firm did for $250. I highly recommend the Malhotra Law Firm for the affordability, and first class service!

    Janice H.

    What is a Deed?

    A property deed is a written and signed legal instrument that is used to transfer ownership of real property from the old owner (the grantor) to the new owner (the grantee). A deed can also remove someone from the title (an ex-spouse after a divorce, for example) or can add someone on to title (adding a new spouse, or an adult child, for example)

    What are the different types of deeds?

    Statutory warranty deed

    A statutory warranty deed is also called a general warranty deed. It fully warrants title to the property being conveyed against any and all claims. It offers the broadest warranty of any of the deeds. Statutory warranty deeds are used in most residential real estate transactions in Florida.

    Special warranty deed

    A special warranty deed gives only a limited warranty of title. It warrants the title but only against claims of people who are claiming by, through, or under the grantor in the deed. Special warranty deeds are frequently used in commercial real estate transactions and in deeds from developers of condominiums or subdivisions.

    Quit claim deeds

    A quit claim deed gives no warranties. While it conveys whatever title the grantor may have, in executing a quit claim deed, the grantor is not representing that he owns the property or that he has the right to convey. Quit claim deeds are frequently used to help clear title problems or clouds on the title to property, but is not always the best option for title changes.

    Life Estate deeds

    With a life estate deed, the owner of the real estate makes a gift of the property to beneficiaries, called remaindermen. He can’t mortgage or sell the property during his lifetime without the permission and “joinder” of the remaindermen. Joinder means that they’re parties to the mortgage or sale. The owner effectively gives the property away—and unilateral control of the property—during his lifetime.

    The Ladybird Deed – The best way to avoid probate and still maintain control of your property

    An enhanced life estate deed is a special type of deed recognized by common law in three states: Florida, Michigan and Texas. Also called a “Lady Bird” deed, it can be used to transfer ownership of real estate outside of probate to a beneficiary named in the deed. The Florida lawyer who created the deed arbitrarily named it after President Johnson’s wife.

    With an “enhanced” life estate, or Ladybird Deed, the owner of the real estate, referred to as the “life tenant,” retains complete control over the property during his or her lifetime. The owner has the right to mortgage or sell the real estate without the consent of the beneficiaries or the remaindermen named in the deed because the owner hasn’t actually given the property to them yet. The property doesn’t actually transfer until death. Upon passing of the owner, the beneficiaries will file the death certificate with public records, which is all that is needed in order for title to pass to them.

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